Summer Wedding Survival Guide

Serenity & Grace have compiled a list of what to do and what not to do for the 2016 Summer Wedding Season.

Serenity & Grace’s Summer Wedding Survival Guide

Founder of Serenity & Grace, Ann Marie McDonagh, has put together her handy summer wedding survival guide.

DO dress colourful.

White is reserved for the bride, and that little black dress won’t strike the note of summery celebration the couple are looking for. Black mixed with colour can be an option if you can’t bare to be without for the day!

DON’T do ‘sultry’.

Your dress should reach your knees. Floaty long dresses also make a good choice for summer weddings. As for the rest, do the grandma test – would you wear it in front of yours?

DO plan for the whole day.

You’ll want to avoid being uncomfortably warm under the sun, but a scarf or pashmina may prove a lifesaver when the temperature dips in the evening.

DON’T forget your dancing shoes.

A comfortable pair will see you through the day, or you can always keep some appropriate flats in your bag.

DO remember your hat.

It’s wedding etiquette, and will provide welcome shade.

DON’T dress up for Ascot.

Your hat shouldn’t require planning permission to wear. A straw hat makes a summery alternative, and a headband or garland can work if hats aren’t you.

DO attend every moment expected of you.

It can be tempting to opt for the warm grass rather than the cold church, but your absence will be noticed.

DON’T outshine the bride.

Elegant and discreet is the way to go – the headline frock can wait for another day.

DO pack wisely.

Compact mirror, breath fresheners, deodorant wipes. It’s an all-day mission – you might want to consult with a Boy Scout.

DON’T rule out trousers.

If you’ll feel more comfortable, a linen suit can be an original and understated alternative outfit.


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