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Top Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

One of the quintessential Jewish life cycle events is the Bar Mitzvah celebration when a boy assumes the religious responsibilities of a man. The celebration is one of the biggest events a Jewish family will ever be involved in, and picking the right present can be a big challenge! Not to worry: Here at Perfect Day we Have come up with some suggestions for that top Bar Mitzvah Gift.

Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica – Large

Brand: Jerusalem Torah 

  This amazing Torah scroll replica has the look and feel of the real thing. deluxe-torah-scroll-replica-large-jt-1102_largeIt contains the entire Torah text in its original script (including vowels) printed on high quality paper. The scroll itself is held by wooden handles while adorned with metallic rimonim at the top, just like a real Torah scroll! The beautiful outside cover is made from a traditional velvet fabric which is embroidered with a traditional design. Protective vinyl cover included.

Hebrew Letters Classic Watch by Adi

Brand: Adi Watcheshebrew-letters-watch-by-adi-aw-212092218_large

Tell the time in style while expressing your love for the Hebrew language with this elegant silver plated analog watch featuring the Hebrew letters in a classic script, a mechanical date display and set in a comfortable black leather band.

Perfect for active lifestyles as well as being a stylish timepiece, it makes a fantastic gift for a wedding, birthday, Bar Mitzvah or any special occasion.



Nadav Art Large Textured Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Brand: Nadav Artnadav-textured-sterling-silver-kiddush-cup-ns-n30h_large

This gorgeous sterling silver Kiddush cup will add a radiance of splendor to your table on the Sabbath and holidays, while making a beautiful piece of home decor the rest of the time! Its design features a delicately textured frame with a long, regal stem, while the inside of the cup is coated in a layer of gold to prevent the oxidization process that may occur between silver and wine ensuring that the wine will always taste pure and fresh.



Danon Decision Maker Desktop Compass

Brand: Danondanon-desktop-compass-decoration_large

Silver Plated Pewter
Diameter: 3.1″/ 7.9 cm
Need a little help making decisions in life? This elegant desktop compass gives you some free advise based on a spin of the dial!
Perfect for any home or office.




Marina Menorah Necklace with Red Rubies and Cubic Zirconia

Brand: Marina Jewelrymarina-menorah-necklace-with-red-rubies-and-cubic-zirconia-_large

This stunning Menorah pendant is a work of pure elegance. It features a stainless steel base with rhodium plating and filled in with blue enamel, while the flames are made of exquisite ruby gemstones, and the base embedded with sparkling cublic zirconia.

A remembrance to the one which stood in the Holy Temple many years ago, the Menorah has remained to this day a symbol of Jewish pride and strength. A masterful blend of ancient tradition and contemporary art you can carry wherever you go.


Deluxe Illuminated Hebrew-English Torah

Brand: Matan Arts Publishersdeluxe-illuminated-hebrew-english-torah_large_4

This luxurious book will be a real addition of beauty tradition to your home, or the home of someone you love! Covered with soft ornate leatherette, the inside will amaze you even more. When you open it up, it gives the appearance of the two tablet of the Ten Commandments and the illustrations and illuminations — both classic and new — are truly outstanding.

This Torah is dedicated to the revival of Hebrew manuscript illumination, the ancient cultural tradition, which has been active for more than a thousand years.


Silver Star of David Pendant with Hamsa Hand

Brand: Haari Jewelrysilver-star-of-david-pendant-with-hamsa-hand-ar-h110s_large

This Star of David pendant is made of 9k gold with an Onyx gem stone at its center of one side, while the other is decorated with three 9 K Gold Hamsa hands.
The pendant is engraved along the side with the inscription (in Hebrew): “The angel who hath redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads” (Genesis, 48: 16) This was Jacob’s blessing to his grandchildren Ephraim and Menashe (the same one that all fathers use to bless their sons at the Shabbat table).



Yair Emanuel Embroidered Silk Kippah – Old Jerusalem (White)

Brand: Yair Emanuelyair-emanuel-embroidered-silk-kippah-old-jerusalem-white_large

We are proud to present an exciting line of Artistic Judaica by Yair Emanuel. This fantastic silk kippah is machine embroidered with a  colorful Old Jerusalem motif. A seamless blend of ancient tradition and modern art.




Yair Emanuel Wooden Torah Pointer – Oriental

Brand: Yair Emanuelyair-emanuel-wooden-torah-pointer-oriental_large

This beautiful torah pointer will hold a place of honor in your synagogue! The design features a colorful floral motif with birds, reminiscent of Armenian ceramic. The hand is brass, as is the chain at the base. Comes with matching stand. The design was hand-painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered. Vivid and harmonious colors characterize the hand-painted wood.



Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Metal Rainbow Wall Hanging- Remember Jerusalem

Brand: Yair Emanuelyair-emanuel-hand-painted-metal-rainbow-wall-hanging-remember-jerusalem-el-whg-2_large

This stunning hand painted metal wall hanging will light up any room it adorns. A beautifully colorful design graces the Biblical verse from King David’s wisdom, Im eshkachech Yerushalayim, tishkach yemini (“If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget itself.”) (Psalms 137:5). A beautiful prayer for our times, and a wonderful gift for anybody.



14K Gold Chai Style Pendant-Small

Brand: Ben Jewelry14k-gold-chai-style-pendant-small-benj-0096_large

This exquisite 14K gold Chai pendant is an original work of art that combines the timeless elegance of a traditional decorative motif with a beautiful contemporary design.

A lovely 14K gold chain is available with the pendant at an additional price.



Jerusalem Second Temple Laser Cut Do-it-Yourself Kit

Brand: Wooden Do-it-Yourself Kitsjerusalem-second-temple-laser-cut-do-it-yourself-kit_large

This stunningly beautiful, intricate, and accurate model will provide hours of enjoyment in its construction and a lifetime of pleasure when it is finally assembled. It is fun and educational for children and adults! Included is a booklet explaining the historical and religious background of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.



The Koren Reader’s Tanakh. The Authoritative Edition

Brand: Korenthe-koren-reader-s-tanakh-the-authoritative-edition_large

The Koren Reader’s Tanakh is the finest Tanakh available for public reading of the haftara. Its large, clear font facilitates easy reading, and its sturdy binding withstands years of weekly use.

The Koren Tanakh is the official Tanakh accepted by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel for synagogue haftara reading.



Yealat Chen Silver Plated Jerusalem Clock

Brand: Yealat Chenyealat-chen-silver-plated-jerusalem-clock-yc-w-534_large

This in unlike anything you have seen before. A stunning silver plated clock adorned with a magnificent Old Jerusalem decorat motif and decorative chain design. A masterful work of Jewish art that will add a radiance of beauty and style to any home!



Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging – Son’s Blessing

Brand: Dorit Judaicadorit-judaica-wall-hanging-sons-blessing-dj-dplm-5_large

This gorgeous stainless steel wall hanging is a rare work of art. Surrounded by an array of traditional decorative motifs such as the pomegranate and Hamsa, the center is the Biblical verse Yasimcha Elokim Ke’efrayim Vechimenashe (“May God make you as Ephraim and as Menashe.”) (Genesis 48:20). It was Jacob’s wish that Jewish fathers bless their sons this way, and so it has been through the millennia. At the top are two doves, the classic symbol of peace adorned with exquisite Swarovski stones.


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