Now You Know – 20 Of The Most Creative Cake Designs That Look Too Cool To Eat

Feast your Eyes on these spectacular Cake designs

Some People eat with their eyes as well as their mouths, that’s why food presentation is important, if not more so, than the taste. These cakes are perfect examples and look almost too good to eat!

Most of these cakes owe their artistic magic to fondant, a controversial cake decoration ingredient that is delicious to some and foul to others. Fondant can be made in various colours and consistencies, so it is the perfect foundation for incredible sculpted cakes like these.


#1 Library Cake



#2 Up Cakecreative-cakes-23__605


#3 ‘Pigs In The Mud’ Cakecreative-cakes-2__605


#4 Planet Cakeuntitled-3



#5 Red Dragon Cakecreative-cake-design-611__605

#6 Panda Cakecreative-cake-design-15__605


#7 Giraffe Mum & Baby Cakecreative-cake-design-64__605


#8 Ice Age Cakecreative-cakes-17__605


#9 Beer Bucket Cakecreative-cakes-18__605


#10 Sorting hat cakecreative-cake-design-102__605


#11 Anti gravity Maltesers & M&M’s Cakecreative-cake-design-65__605


#12 Polo Shirt Cakecreative-cake-design-73__605


#13 Snake Cakeuntitled-3


#14 James Bond Cakecreative-cakes-20__605-1


#15 Book Cake063__605


#16 Earth Cakecreative-cake-design-13__605


#17 Nikon Camera Cakecreative-cakes-5__605


#18 Sweet Cakey_e51282c11__605


#19 Sushi Cake creative-cake-design-68__605


#20 Cookie Monster Cakeboys-birthday-cake-ideas-4

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