This year buy the Bride & Groom a Gift that is made for them. Courtesy of Paul Tanner Wedding Photography

An alternative Wedding Day Gift Brought to you by Paul Tanner Wedding Photography

The Wedding Press

The trouble with wedding gift lists is if you’re not quick then the only items left are towels, cutlery and randoms like meat thermometers. (I’d go for the meat thermometer)

Now, this won’t do, because these people are special to you, and I know they chose this list but you’ll be damned if you’re going to give them towels!!

You want something personal, thoughtful, something they will keep forever and look at again and again and again, not something they use every day after their shower.

 You need The Wedding Press! An 12 page vintage newspaper that shows off their favourite wedding photos and makes a keepsake they can keep forever.

And let’s talk about versatility. With every wedding press service bought they receive 5 copies of their newspaper, with the chance to order as many more as they wish, so they can keep some safe for themselves and use more to give as gifts to their nearest and dearest who helped make their wedding day the amazing day it was.

You might even get a copy yourself!


You’ll love this gift for it’s personal touch and they’ll love it for the hands on bespoke nature that gives them the freedom to choose their photos.

A stunning wedding day souvenir, my vintage style Wedding Newspaper is a really versatile product. They can make either a great alternative to or novel companion for a wedding album, a special “thankyou” to all those who have helped make your day possible, even a knockout save the date or invite!

Choose form 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 copies. Printed on actual newspaper stock, your bespoke 12 page newspaper will contain up to 30 of your favourite high resolution wedding images. To make sure you are happy with everything, you will receive a 1st draft before the newspaper goes to print.

Prices from £120

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