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The Perfect Day Alternative Hen Do Ideas

Coming up with great hen party ideas needn’t be a massive stress. Organising the best hen do for the bride-to-be is all about coming up with imaginative tweaks to traditional ideas. The following list is a range of ideas and a guide to alternative, fun, and out there things for the girls to enjoy.

Bubble Mayhem

This event is all about the fun. Bump, roll and laugh your way through a truly hysterical event by jumping into a zorb and becoming Queen of the Ring!

Let your legs run free whilst your body is encased in a zorb! Now’s your chance to get your own back for that mate who hog’s the bathroom, steals the guy of your dreams, or fits into that dress that you’ve always wanted.

Big balls & Champagne, what more would a girl want on her special day?

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Escape Room

Working in small teams, you get 1 hour to solve puzzles and find clues. If you work your way through all the challenges you can escape! Get stuck and there are staff on hand to provide clues. This is a really run challenge for your hen group, which will test your team working and problem solving skills and give you a real sense of achievement – if you beat the room!

Each Escape Room is unique with scenarios designed with different levels of challenge. You might be asked to steal a work of art from a museum, find treasure in a Pharaoh’s tomb, or infiltrate a secret society and take part in its initiation rites. If you’re looking for something really different for your hen do, and want an activity that everyone can take part in and enjoy, this is a must. Getting consistently top reviews, these experiences are great for group bonding and will give you loads to talk about. Who has what it takes to make it out?

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Life Drawing

With Artful Hen Parties:

Life Drawing is perfect if you’re looking for something different to celebrate your hen weekend in style; we believe over 400 hundreds of five-star reviews back our claim life drawing with us is a unique experience and one of the best hen party activities around.

Our events are brilliant fun; hilarious but tasteful and suitable for anyone! So, why not come get creative with us, have a cheeky giggle and of course a few drinks along the way!

We supply everything for the event, including, a3 drawing pads, charcoal and berets you can wear for fun, we also guarantee who your professional and gorgeous model will be for the occasion. All our brides receive complimentary bubbles!

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Murder Mystery


Welcome to Ultimate Murder Mystery Games! During your exciting murder mystery party, you will find yourself thrust into the middle of a compelling story line, taking on a unique character, complete with their personality quirks, history and secrets. At some point, one of your fellow guests (or maybe even you!) will be murdered! It is then up to you to work out who committed the crime and why… or if you are the murderer, to escape detection! Interrogate other players, discover their hidden lies and try to prevent your darkest secrets from becoming public knowledge!

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Belly Dancing Lessons

Learn the Ancient Art of Belly dancing and Shimmy and Shake your way through your Belly Dancing party class!

Our Belly Dancing Classes are a fantastic introduction to the beautiful art of belly dancing. Our fabulous belly dance teacher Abiah will show you the most sensual moves of the East and even give you a performance at the end of the class.

You’ll cover everything from the flowing, sinuous movements of hip rolls and undulations to the more sticatto movements of shimmies, shivers and vibrations.

She will guide you through hip drops, bouncing ‘earthquake’ shimmies, head tosses and arabesques and leave feeling like the complete Eastern Goddesses! Belly Dancing Belts are provided.

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Hen-Limpic Games

Remember all those girls who were great at school sports day and took it way too seriously…? Well they’d hate this!

The best way we could describe it is if someone were to get hold of the Olympics or World Athetlics Champions and decide what they need is more inflatable obstacles and bizarre props, then this is what it would look like.

You’ll be competing against other groups with no more than 10 players per team and 16 teams.

The Limpic Arena is split into 4 zones each with totally random games such as;

  • Giant Egg, Spoon & Sack Race
  • Caterpillar Archery Relay
  • Foot Darts
  • Bungee Spider Web
  • Dizzy Assault Course

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Lingerie Making

When you think lingerie, do you think of Bridget Jones‘ large, ‘keep everything in control’ pants or do you imagine the sort of thing that always catches your eye in the window of Boux Avenue? Either way, our hen party lingerie making class is sure to provide the perfect treat for you and the girls.

Lingerie making is a workshop with a difference, combining glitz, glam and giggles to create your very own masterpieces. You’ll have the chance to design, create, and even model a pair of your very own perfectly fitting undies that Bridget herself would be proud of!

You and the girls will be greeted by our professional designers, affectionately named ‘Chief Briefs’ who will guide you every step of the way to creating the perfect pair of knickers. Don’t worry, all the tricky bits on the sewing machine will be taken care of, so you can take all the glory!

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Paint Balling

There’s a reason that year after year, paintballing is one of the most popular hen party activities around. It’s got the ideal blend of fun, hilarity with your mates, the great outdoors and just a slice of competition that whisks into a fantastic half-day or full day of fun.

Once you’ve got kitted up into your oh-so-stylish paintball uniforms and have run through all the necessary safety briefings and rules you’ll be unleashed into the great outdoors. We source out venues that offer truly amazing experiences, whether it’s specialised battle zones or truly epic locations, across a full or half-day format.

Paintballing is a fantastic excuse for all members of the hen party to fire away their nerves ahead of the big day. Trust us, if you’re dealing with a Bridezilla a few squeezes of your paintball gun trigger while aiming at their head can be very therapeutic. And guess what? It’s all in the spirit of the game!

Things are sure to get competitive as you go about eliminating the enemy with some acrylic assassination!

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Segway Experience

Experience the unique floating on air feeling you get from Segway riding. Use your weight with the slightest touch, leaning to move forward and back, using the handle bars to navigate your direction. A fun activity that is guaranteed to be a laugh!

  • Unique and exciting Segway experience!
  • Feel like you’re floating
  • Get off the beaten track
  • Explore one of the UK’s most beautiful forests
  • A fully trained instructor will lead the way
  • Safety briefing and equipment hire included



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Tank Driving

There’s no better way to let off steam before you tie the knot than letting yourself loose in a tank, with all sorts of ways to enjoy the automotive power and sheer novelty value that these awesome machines can provide. Whether you take control in the driver’s cabin, engage in combat with a tank paintball battle or hire out a tank as a limo for a night you can guarantee it’ll be the most memorable way imaginable to celebrate getting married.

Everybody wants their wedding day to be special so why compromise on your stag or hen event by going to bars and nightclubs just like everybody else? Our tank experiences cater for all tastes and aptitudes whether you want to be part of the action or just come along for the ride, and everybody involved will remember your event for the rest of their lives.

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