Happy Box London

Inspiring gifts, delivering happiness

The idea of the ‘Happy Box’ was conceived in 2002 when, during a road trip across the States, a brown cardboard box came to assume an unexpected significance. Perhaps partly because of the disproportionate amount of chocolate and alcohol contained therein, this little brown box could always be relied upon to raise a smile and became known as our ‘Happy Box’.

It prompted the thought that there should be a Happy Box for everyone and for all events and sentiments – beautiful gifts, creatively combined to be perfectly appropriate to the occasion and guaranteed to raise a smile.

We’ve made it our mission to try to do better. To create beautiful gifts that are full of real thought and imagination. So, a Happy Box to celebrate a birth might contain a stunning solid silver rattle, but also a silk lavender-filled eye mask to playfully acknowledge the new pressures of parenthood. A Happy Box sent to cheer someone up might contain luxurious cashmere socks, but also an ice-cream scoop to suggest one of the simplest paths to happiness.

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